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August 12, 2006

Kelly Holcomb Gets the Start

The quarterback situation in Buffalo Bills camp has been in turmoil since Drew Bledsoe left. According to Buffalo Bills coach, Dick Jauron, quarterback Kelly Holcomb will start the preseason opener against Carolina today for the Buffalo Bills. To avoid any type of controversy, coach Jauron, said that J.P. Losman will likely start next week’s preseason game against Cincinnati.

Evidently, this move to start Holcomb is solely based on seniority. Coach Jauron has said that he will give both starting quarterbacks plenty of playing time this preseason. It looks like the starting job isn’t nailed down by either QB. I don’t think Losman is the answer for the bills. He’s accomplished very little in the playing time he’s been afforded. He’s too inconsistent and error-prone.

The Buffalo Bills are trying desperately to make this season stand out. Their ticket sales for this season have been extremely solid already. Fans are not interested in watching their quarterback blow games while the Bills roll to another 5-11 season

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