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September 10, 2006

Three Team Parlay Win

Three Team Parlay BetThe other night I was at the Red Rock Resort in Summerlin to enjoy a night out. I placed my first three-team college football parlay bet of the season. I’m more of a straight up bettor, but I will throw down a parlay here and there. My original intent wasn’t to place a parlay at all. However, I was out with my buddy who’s a parlay machine. He just can’t place a straight bet. He loves seeing the payoff go well beyond the bet.

So, I am enjoying my prime rib when he says to me, “Ok, I need you to give me three solid bets tomorrow. I want to play a three-teamer.” Immediately, I give him Ohio State +2.5, Georgia -3 and UNLV +14. He was kind of hesitant, because 1) he doesn’t know too much about Georgia, and 2) I said UNLV. Showing him that I was extremely confident about what I just said we walked over to the sportsbook after our meal.

I confidently walked up to the counter, spouted off my three teams and placed my wager. Walking back to comfortable chairs were sitting on, I was all smiles. I placed the ticket in his face so he could see that I indeed bet all three of those teams. What’s he do? He walks up to the counter and replaced Georgia with the Seahawks -6.5 on Sunday and UNLV with Oregon. He left Ohio State. On the left, you can see my ticket. I blacked out the amount bet.

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