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July 20, 2006

Santa Clara 49ers

Does the Santa Clara 49ers sound weird to you? It sure does to me. However, that just might become a reality. The San Francisco 49ers are pushing for a new stadium. It those plans fall through, the team just might move to Santa Clara. Would they really move? In my opinion, it’s doubtful. Pro teams do this all the time. They threaten to move to get the current host city to cave in to their demands.

I do think that it’s time for the 49ers to get a new stadium. Candlestick is some 46 years old. The 49ers and the city have been working on a new stadium idea since 1997. It’s finally come to a final hour threat. We will have to see what happens over the coming months. I suspect that the city will give in.


3 Responses to “Santa Clara 49ers”

  1. SF 49ers Fan Says:

    It’s all talk… Haven’t they been sitting on a model for 10yrs?? passed on a $6mil proposed plan & now it’s $8mil? I forgot where I read that…

  2. SF 49ers Fan Says:

    err, I guess that would be $800mil :P

  3. Wise Bettor Says:

    Yea, I figured as much. Teams do this all the time and I am sick of it. They hold fans hostage.

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