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September 1, 2006

Miami Dolphins Over Hyped

This entire NFL offseason we have been hearing media outlet after media outlet tout the Miami Dolphins. Yes, the Dolphins are this season’s bandwagon team. Countless NFL analysts are quick to jump on and shout, “Look Ma No Hands!” I am not one of them. Yes, the AFC East is not that strong, but I just am not buying that the Miami Dolphins are that great. They finished 9-7 last season thanks to a six game win streak to close out the year. I will present three ironclad points that prove the Miami Dolphins are not the best thing since sliced bread.

Point One: Who did they beat?

Yes, the Miami Dolphins closed out the 2005 campaign by rattling off six wins. However, let’s get a grip here and put those wins in perspective. They beat the terrible Raiders, hapless Bills, struggling Charges, clueless Jets, terrificless Tennessee (yes, I know that’s not a word), and the not-playing-for-anything Patriots. Who did they beat? You don’t see top teams there except the Patriots, and they didn’t need to play. For them, it was a practice game.

Point Two: 2006 Schedule

Welcome back to reality. This year’s schedule is not full of a string of daisies. The Miami Dolphins open up the season at Pittsburgh. In week 5, they play at New England. In week 9, they play at Chicago. They follow that up by playing Kansas City and Minnesota. In week’s 13 and 14 they play Jacksonville and the Patriots again. They closeout the season at Indianapolis and unless the Colts are resting for the playoffs that will be a tough game.Mixed in that schedule are questionable games against the Packers, Lions, Bills, Jets, Texans and Titans. Looking at last season, this Dolphins team could easily end up at 6-10.

Keep reading this great SportsJournalist.org article by clicking the link below.

Miami Dolphins Over Hyped

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