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September 10, 2006

Week One NFL

It’s finally here, the first full weekend of the 2006 NFL season. The first game was back on Thursday—Miami at Pittsburgh. Today, I will go over each game and give you my initial thoughts. I will not go into great detail—that will start next week. It’s 8am Sunday morning, so let’s get cracking.

Note: I am just giving you my initial thoughts on who I like to actually win the game. I didn’t consider NFL betting lines when deciding the games.

Colts at Giants

Manning vs. Manning has to be the most hyped event in the NFL. Two premier teams lock horns on Sunday night. Even thought the Colts have a new running game, I think they will be too much for the Giants. Eli Manning will play well at home, but the emotions could be a bit too much for him. I like the Colts.

Falcons at Panthers

The media has again been hyping the Carolina Panthers to go to the Super Bowl without merit. Their run starts here. The Flacons should pose a moderate threat, but I don’t see them getting the job done in Carolina. Pick: Carolina

Ravens at Buccaneers

I’m going out on a limb with this one. The Ravens have the tools to win this game. I think Chris Simms will have some issues in this first game and while it’s in Tampa Bay, I like the Ravens to upset here.

Bills at Patriots

Is Losman finally going to step it up? He’s showing some improvement, but I’m still concerned about play in critical situations and turnovers. McGahee didn’t look too hot in the preseason. Take away his one 61 yard run and you have 30 rushes for 90 yards. Yes, it was preseason. As much as I want the Bills to win, I don’t think they will. The Patriots at home will be too much.

Cincinnati at Kansas City

I apparently am going against every other NFL analyst in this game by picking the Kansas City Chiefs to win at home. Was last season a fluke for the Bengals? I love new Chiefs coach Herm Edwards and I think he will have the Chiefs ready to play at home. Anyone that’s watched the NFL for a couple years knows that a fired up Chiefs team at home is capable of just about anything.

Broncos at Rams

Not too much to say here. I like the Broncos. It’s not the playoffs, so Plummer should play well.

Saints at Browns

I must admit something to you. I am really looking forward to this game. Ever since the Browns got ripped from the league, I’ve been a Browns sympathizer. This game also has Drew Brees at QB for the Saints and we just might see Reggie Bush. You better believe I’m watching this one—thank you Directv. This is a rough one to pick. I decided to pick based on QB talent, so the Saints will win in my mind.

Jets at Titans

Will anyone other than Jets and Titans fans watch this game? If Vince Young were playing, I would watch—just to prove that I’m right about him not being a NFL caliber QB, but that’s another story. Ok, I can’t lie. I will watch this game—darn sports writer job. With Kerry Collins starting the Titans should roll over the Jets. Travis Henry will add punishment on the ground. I like the Titans.

Philadelphia at Houston

I have been touting the resurgence of the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Fellow sports bettors and friends are quick to jump on me whenever I mention the Eagles and playoffs in the same sentence. Their run to the playoffs starts right here with what should be an easy introduction game. You heard it here, probably first, the Eagles will grab a piece of the playoff pie this season. I like the Eagles in this one.

Seahawks at Lions

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a raving mad Seahawks fan—I sure miss the Kingdome. Today, they get what looks like a cupcake of a game. Ah, but not so fast. The Seahawks have a history of struggling on road openers. Still, this team is better than last season’s team. Read that again. The Lions are in for more of the same this season. I like the Seattle Seahawks today.

Bears at Packers

Brett Favre should have jumped ship. This Packers team won’t be any better than last season’s—ok, maybe a smidge better. The Bears should be able to handle the so-so offense of the Packers and rise to 1-0. I like the Bears.

Cowboys at Jaguars

Over this preseason all the talk was about Dallas and T.O.—it wore me out. I’m not someone who’s on the Cowboys bandwagon. I think they will go into Jacksonville today and face a tough home team. Jacksonville will win this game.

49ers at Cardinals

This is a classic game between two poor teams. Many are quick to make the Cardinals something they are not, because of their new stadium, their draft pick Leinart and their new running back James. I think they will be improved—obviously—but they are not even close to being a playoff team. Still, the 49ers have a QB that threw one TD last season—last game of the year. I like Arizona.

Vikings at Redskins

I think the Vikings are an up and coming team. They finished the year off well in 2005 and this season could be better. Again, I might be one of the few non-Minnesotans to tout the Vikings as a playoff team this season. I don’t think the Redskins will make it. Their offense leaves too much to be desired. They score next to nothing against good teams and run up scores—to make their overall stats look better—against bad teams. This is a new year, but I like the Vikings on Monday night.

Chargers at Raiders

This is a dangerous game. Is Philip Rivers ready for the prime time? Will Aaron Brooks play better than he has in the past? If I were to count on one thing in this game, it would be interceptions. I think we’ll see a few. I like the Chargers on Monday night to edge out a victory.

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