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September 8, 2006

Culpepper Implodes in Steeler Victory

It’s only game one of the 2006 season, but the Miami Dolphins have already proved they have work to do. One week ago, I wrote an article entitled “Miami Dolphins Over Hyped.” In that article, I talked about why the Miami Dolphins are not as good as the media was hyping them to be. I gave three solid reasons why. One reason was Daunte Culpepper. I mentioned his interception problem before. Last night that problem showed up in spades.

The Miami Dolphins were in the game going into the 4th quarter. Remember, Big Ben was out for the Steelers. Still, Charlie Batch was filling in nicely. It was 17-14 Dolphins, and Steelers fans were getting a little antsy. Despite an 87-yard TD strike from Charlie Batch to Heath Miller, the Dolphins were only down by four points with plenty of time left in the game. Then it happened.

To continue reading this SportsJournalist.org article, click the link below.

Culpepper Implodes - Steelers Win

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