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September 1, 2006

Seattle Seahawks Primed for Super Bowl Run

Last season was a breakthrough for the Seattle Seahawks. They went all the way to the Super Bowl—still getting little respect. In the Super Bowl, they lost to the officials who had little help from a team called the Steelers. The gross display of “officiating” was well documented. As usual, nothing was done about it and the game goes on. Still stinging from the rookie officiating mistakes, the Seahawks gear up for a new season.


What’s not to love about Matt Hasselbeck. Coach Mike Holmgren said he was special when he brought him over from Green Bay. There were ups and downs, but now Hasselbeck is a tier one QB. The backups in Seattle leave a little to be desired, but Hasselbeck has proven he’s a winner—even when his star RB gets knocked out of a playoff game.

Running Back

Two words—Shaun Alexander. He’s the best running back in the NFL today. Arguments can be made otherwise, but the stats don’t lie. He’s also a TD machine. Last season he was unstoppable. In the offseason, he was rewarded with a lucrative contract that will keep him in Seattle through his prime. He’s another valuable player in this high-powered offense. He helps keep defenses honest, and he gives Matt Hasselbeck some help since defenses can’t sit back and play pass.

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Seattle Seahawks Preview

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