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August 21, 2006

St. Louis Rams 2006 Preview

The St. Louis Rams struggled last season going 6-10. They closed out the 2005 season by going 1-4 over their last five games. The lone win was against Dallas (20-10) in a meaningless game. This season the rams have a new coach—Scott Linehan. Are the problems gone as well? Linehan not only steps into the Rams coaching job for the first time, but as an NFL head coach too.


Marc Bulger will be the guy again in St. Louis. The main question surrounding Bulger isn’t his ability—it’s his health. He’s had arm problems in the past. However, the QB position is one of the more solid ones on the offense. Waiting in backup is the competent Gus Frerotte. They also have Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s had limited duty, but he impressed.
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St Louis Rams Preview

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